• Kensington & Chelsea REVIEW

    Kensington & Chelsea REVIEW

    So thrilled to be featured in this months Kensington and Chelsea Magazine! Treatment of the Month… come and try for yourself!
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    June 1, 2017 By pippa_logli Hair News Press The Salon


    S A L O N of the M O N T H!
    Thrilled to read about our salon in this months The Salon Magazine.
    If you want to read about our inspirations and how to get the look check our Page 62.

  • ELLE UK \ How to Dye Dark Hair Lighter

    ELLE UK \ How to Dye Dark Hair Lighter

    “Would you love beautiful pastel highlights and jewel tones, but want to avoid bleached, porous, split ends?

    With a huge range of at-home hair dye and DIY colour treatments available, changing the colour of our hair is as ingrained in our beauty routine as painting our nails.

    Colouring really dark hair, however, is not always as easy as it is for our fair-haired sisters. There are enough bleaching horror stories out there to put anyone off trying.

    But fear not, because beautiful, pastel-toned highlights are not a million miles out of reach.

    We spoke to some top hair experts to understand the different ways to colour your hair and how they can work for you.”

    To find out more read Zoe Dubbs article for Elle UK where Limoz Logli gives advice on bleaching dark Hair.

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    Now the party season is upon us we teamed up with AQUIS Towels to create some inspiring hair tutorials.

    When your hair is wet it is delicate, super stretchy, swollen and in need of some love. This is when the damage occurs that is the root cause of many hair problems such as frizz. It’s important to get it dry fast, but with as little friction as possible. Wrapping in AQUIS (rather than rubbing with regular towels) does just this. See for yourself in our How To Videos.


  • Perfectly Undone Hair

    Perfectly Undone Hair


    SS17 Rag and Bone Hair Styling

    SS17 Rag and Bone Hair Style

    SS17 Vera Wang Hair Style

    SS17 Vera Wang Hair Style

    SS17 Prabal Gurung Hair Style

    SS17 Prabal Gurung Hair Style

    The off-duty ‘perfectly undone hair’ style was in rotation on the SS17 runway. As seen on the catwalks of Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung and Vera Wang models sported high textured, effortless yet stylish hair. The perfectly undone mane screams bedhead beautiful with a touch of texture and definition.

    Step into the new season with one of the hottest trends straight off the catwalk and have your own ‘perfectly undone’ hair styled at Limoz Logli.

    Limoz Logli says, ‘the ‘undone’ trend is perfect for creating a wavy mane with limited hair damage and with as little effort as possible. Barely there texture is one of the look of the moments right now, it’s simple to recreate and leaves you with a classy yet relaxed style’

  • HELLO!


    Limoz had the fantastic opportunity to head over to the HELLO offices last week and meet with the Hello Fashion team. Beth their beauty editor wanted Limoz to demonstrate how he achieves the chelsea knot via Facebook live!

    Hello Fashion Live

    Click the picture to watch Limoz live in action.

    For more pictures and videos on Knotting you can head over to our instagram feed.


  • Ever heard of Hair Knotting….

    Ever heard of Hair Knotting….

    At Limoz Logli Hair & Beauty we are obsessed with hair knots. If you haven’t heard of them think french braids rock chic sister. The technique is simple and the effect is bold and gorgeous. Here is Limoz giving a quick demonstration of the next big hair trend.

  • The Man Behind the Brand

    The Man Behind the Brand

    Limoz Logli Hair and Beauty Salon is an elegant emporium of all things stunning, stylish and glamourous. Given that he takes such an honest approach to his clients he looks after, lets see how honest an approach he takes to our questions.


    THE BEST THING MY PARENTS TAUGHT ME… When you have given nothing, ask for nothing.


    WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT HAIRDRESSING…. The variety, and the fact I am never still; always working, always developing and without doubt always learning. Its a cliche but I think like all hairdressers I love making my clients happy.  It is so rewarding to see them walk out looking beautiful and feeling confident! Its a fact I love my job, and when it comes to happiness at work hairdressers have been found top of the table after all!


    I THINK MY CLIENTS LOVE ME BECAUSE…. I spend time with my clients, I have always made it clear to my team from day one that we are not a factory. We make sure we are personable with all clients and give them our undivided attention. Thankfully and not surprisingly all my clients are so lovely and I am lucky enough to have made some really close friendships with some of them. I want clients to feel comfortable with me and my team. Its important for me that they don’t ever feel intimidated or ignored. We all have busy lives, so their time with us should provide them with a well deserved rest and treat.


    MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE WORKING WEEK…. are my mornings. I feel such a rush of pride as I walk to up the road to the salon. I am one of the lucky few who loves what they do so I love arriving at work. A man of habit, I always drink a coffee with my first client as we talk and work.


    ONE THING I WOULD CHANGE ABOUT THE HAIR INDUSTRY.. the training available for people considering a career in hairdressing. I think the techniques are so outdated and not relevant to todays techniques and fashions. Schools should focus on where hairdressing has reached now, not how it was when the course was designed. Things are always changing and I believe the courses should change alongside these developments.


    IF I WASN’T A HAIRDRESSER NOW I WOULD BE…. A carpenter or an interior designer. I love furniture and design and I was never really great at academics but have always been really comfortable working with my hands creatively. I love making things from wood and a few years back I thought about taking a course to learn more about it but it took me away from hairdressing for too long. I can’t wait to open my second salon as I learnt so much about interior design and more importantly the functionality of a salon that I would love another go at it. I have so many ideas all the time. Thank god for Pinterest!


    MY BIGGEST INFLUENCE…. Its cheesy but I have to say my wife. I owe her a lot because if it wasn’t for her I would probably still be working for someone else. I don’t think anyone realises as I am the face of the business but she has not just pushed me to achieve my dreams she has been the one behind the scenes making it happen for me. Like I said school and academics were just not my thing… thankfully I married someone that makes up for it!


    MY GREATEST WEAKNESS…. Apart from my stubbornness it my perfectionism. I cannot leave a job unfinished even if it means me working through the night. I was like bob the builder working night and day to get our salon finished (at the annoyance of the builders I was paying) and I still see things that I need to change. I am constantly spotting things that no one else would bother with. I cant sleep at night if I know something isn’t perfect. We have a saying in my country, ‘Punën e sotme mos e lër për nesër’. ‘Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today’. I guess that’s what makes me a good stylist. I cannot let any clients walk out unless I am 100% confident in my work, even if that means we also work thought the night!


    ITS NOT GOOD FOR MY IMAGE BUT I LIKE….really rubbish TV. The trashier the better. Everyone is shocked to find out but I find it really helps me switch off after work… I guess I don’t have to use my brain much to follow the story lines.


    THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE… was when my beautiful daughter Aurelia was born. In that first moment I met her, I knew I wanted lots more children. She has brought more to my life than I could have imagined, and it is the only thing that makes my working week hard. I am a workaholic and could work 7 days a week, so it is such a battle for me as I love every minute I can get to be with her and my wife.


    MY LAST MEAL WOULD BE… Lamb! My family are sheep farmers after all!


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