• What do Victoria Secrets Models have in common….

    What do Victoria Secrets Models have in common….

    1970s: French, literally ‘sweeping’, from balayer ‘to sweep’. A freehand technique that is used to create natural highlights.

    At Limoz Logli Hair & Beauty we are obsessed with Balayage as it produces that sun-kissed natural looking hair colour that nature gave us as children. No matter how dramatic the result you will automatically rid yourself of your regrowth lines and instead have softer, less noticeable roots.

    It has fast become our biggest colour technique, and we are not surprised especially when it means little maintenance for clients.

    Take Victoria Secret models for example, they all have in common that tousled beach wave look but you may not notice that they ALL pretty all much have balayage, just different spectrums of colour and depth.

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  • Meet Tatjana.. Our Chelsea Blowdry Champ

    Meet Tatjana.. Our Chelsea Blowdry Champ

    Let us introduce you to Tatjana our Senior Stylist at Limoz Logli Hair & Beauty. We all love our Latvian Beauty, let us tell you why!


    If Tatjana was an animal what would she be?

    Nadia: Snake

    Christina: Panther

    Limoz: Sheep

    Who would play Tatjana in the movie of her life?

    ALL: Scarlett Johansson

    What would Tatjana last meal be?

    ALL: Orange

    How would she spend £1m?

    ALL: Holiday

    What hair appointment would you book Tatjana for?

    N: Big Wavy Blowdry

    C: Highlights

    L: Blowdry

    Who does Tatjana Hair?

    ALL: Christina and Limoz

  • Catie and Danny’s Wedding

    Catie and Danny’s Wedding

    No matter how many weddings Limoz Logli has the pleasure of working on, we can never forget Catie and Danny’s wedding in the Mandarin Oriental. I mean what an attractive and relaxed couple they are surrounded by such elegance. It is so rare to see a couple have so much fun on their wedding day.

    For more pictures of her beautiful dress and of course her hair then take a look at the talented photographer Polly Alexandre‘s website.



  • Wedding Inspiration… It’s the season!

    Wedding Inspiration… It’s the season!

    As wedding season is fast approaching we thought it a great time to pass on our knowledge and wedding inspiration at Limoz Logli Hair & Beauty. There is nothing more stressful than planning a wedding, so here we will guide you through your wedding journey and take the drama out of your locks.


    Whether it’s just a touch-up or subtle highlights, make your final colour appointment two weeks before your special day. This way you allow the dye time to settle while still looking fresh and root free! If you are considering a huge colour change don’t leave it to the last minute. It is important to start your colour journey 6 months prior to your wedding day to give your colourist the chance to create your result gradually and with consideration for your hair.


    ‘If you are considering enhancing your natural locks with the addition of hair extensions, book your consultation and application appointment at least one month before the big day, This will give you plenty of time to decide (and trial) how you want your hair.’ Great Lengths UK

    Book a consultation with Nadia to discuss all our hair extension options in more detail.

    Wedding Hair Trial

    If you can we always advise booking your hair trial the morning of your dress fitting. This way you can see the final look together and leaves you in no doubt about how it compliments your dress or accessories.

    Try to chose a style you are comfortable with, now is not the time to try something drastic. You want your husband to know its you walking down that aisle. Also consider the time of day and temperature of your wedding, there is a vast difference between a outdoor day wedding in extreme heat and an evening wedding in a venue with air-conditioning.

    Bring any hair accessories or veils to your appointment so the stylist is fully advised on your look, and can show you various options to place your items to the finished hair.

    You can never bring enough inspiration, Limoz Logli loves working with a few looks during your trial so you can walk away feeling confident you have found the right one for you. Check out his real bridal gallery for inspiration.

    We have also selected a few of our favourite wedding inspirations below.

    Classic Romantic


    Soft, Textured, Classic


    Lace, Backless, Accessories, Country

    Classic Modern


    Simple Smooth Finish


    High Neck Dresses, Satin , Structured Dresses, City

    Hair Down


    Glamorous, All rounder,


    Evening, Relaxed, Formal, Bandeau



    Boho Chic, Relaxed, Intricate


    Embellished Dresses, Fashion Dresses, Hair Accessories

  • Meet Nadia – Hair Extension Excellency

    Meet Nadia – Hair Extension Excellency

    Meet Nadia our Hair Extension Specialist. Whether you are looking for a temporary party look or a longer term solution for volume or length then she is the girl for you!



    If Nadia was an animal what would she be?

    Tatjana: Lion

    Christina: Deer

    Limoz Horse

    Who would play Nadia in the movie of her life?

    ALL: Jennifer Lopez

    What would Nadias last meal be?


    How would she spend £1m?

    ALL: Holiday

    What hair appointment would you book Nadia for?

    T: Big Blowdry

    C: Extensions

    L: Real Hair Extensions

    Who does Nadias Hair?

    ALL: Limoz


  • Oooo…. Olaplex

    Oooo…. Olaplex

    So you have probably already read or experienced the new wonder treatment that has hit the UK, and yes they are true! How else do you think the infamous Kardashian went platinum blonde and back to brunette in a week without destroying her mane? OLAPLEX!

    It’s no surprise that the beauty world was ecstatic when J LO and Kim K announced the secret to their shiny manes — it was a product called Olaplex.

    Olaplex is by far the most exiciting treatment we have seen enter the hair market. As hairdressers we are excited to see a treatment that can be used it in many forms and not just as a traditional back wash treatment. Olaplex can be added to your colour process or any keratin process to maintain the integrity of the hair. It can also assist in dramatic colour changes without the chemical damage you would normally experience.

    Recently arrived from America, we have been using Olaplex for months now and can really see the long term benefits on our clients. Not just a quick fix, OLAPLEX™ is a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the sulfur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair coloring and lightening. OLAPLEX™ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and paragons so kind to the hair.

    Book in now to add it to your colour process, or even as a stand alone treatment before your blowdry. We promise you will agree the hype as soon as you have tried it.

  • Our Look Book Shoot Behind the Scenes

    Our Look Book Shoot Behind the Scenes

    We had a brilliant day shooting hair hair and more hair for our new hair look book images. Here is some behind the scenes footage of our day. We are are so excited by the final result.

    Don’t forget you can book in now to achieve any of our looks.

    Credits :

    Photographer Ruan Van der Sande 

    Make Up Stacey Lincoln 

    Hair by Limoz Logli assisted by Nadia Nikolova

    Models: Yolanda and Kirsty from BMA Models 




  • Salon Event

    If there is any excuse to have a get together then the Limoz Logli Hair & Beauty staff are all there. Including most recently when we had a little salon get together for some of our lovely clients. The champagne flowed and the canapés disappeared, admittedly before they even left the kitchen.

    Now to get planning our summer shindig… Pimms oclock anyone?

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