We're always looking for people that are passionate about delivering unique experiences.

  • Perks

    • We evolve every employee to reach their full potential under the expertise of Limoz.
    • We provide every employee with a yearly allowance to pay for classes, courses, and reading for their own growth.
    • We offer a supportive and uplifting environment for both our clients and team.
  • Values

    We ensure our services and products are authentic and come from a place of knowledge and expertise. We never compromise on the health of clients hair and aren’t afraid to turn down requests that don’t sit well with our beliefs. We are transparent and honest in all of our dealings.
    Providing quality in every aspect of Limoz Logli is paramount to up-keeping our brand and reputation. Quality in our knowledge, expertise, products, processes and finishes are why we are known as one of London’s best salon establishments.

  • People

    We create strong relationships which leads to loyalty and brand love.  We offer an immersive experience people will talk about positively. Customer service and personalisation are at the heart of our experience offering. Judgment and negative vibes aren’t welcome here.

  • Contact

    Email: info@limozlogli.com
    Phone: 020 7351 1239
    Trading: Monday – Saturday : 9am – 7pm

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