• Meet Nadia – Hair Extension Excellency

    Meet Nadia – Hair Extension Excellency

    Meet Nadia our Hair Extension Specialist. Whether you are looking for a temporary party look or a longer term solution for volume or length then she is the girl for you!



    If Nadia was an animal what would she be?

    Tatjana: Lion

    Christina: Deer

    Limoz Horse

    Who would play Nadia in the movie of her life?

    ALL: Jennifer Lopez

    What would Nadias last meal be?


    How would she spend £1m?

    ALL: Holiday

    What hair appointment would you book Nadia for?

    T: Big Blowdry

    C: Extensions

    L: Real Hair Extensions

    Who does Nadias Hair?

    ALL: Limoz


  • Oooo…. Olaplex

    Oooo…. Olaplex

    So you have probably already read or experienced the new wonder treatment that has hit the UK, and yes they are true! How else do you think the infamous Kardashian went platinum blonde and back to brunette in a week without destroying her mane? OLAPLEX!

    It’s no surprise that the beauty world was ecstatic when J LO and Kim K announced the secret to their shiny manes — it was a product called Olaplex.

    Olaplex is by far the most exiciting treatment we have seen enter the hair market. As hairdressers we are excited to see a treatment that can be used it in many forms and not just as a traditional back wash treatment. Olaplex can be added to your colour process or any keratin process to maintain the integrity of the hair. It can also assist in dramatic colour changes without the chemical damage you would normally experience.

    Recently arrived from America, we have been using Olaplex for months now and can really see the long term benefits on our clients. Not just a quick fix, OLAPLEX™ is a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the sulfur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair coloring and lightening. OLAPLEX™ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and paragons so kind to the hair.

    Book in now to add it to your colour process, or even as a stand alone treatment before your blowdry. We promise you will agree the hype as soon as you have tried it.